Adventures of a dog Walker


Dogs are often my heroes

Posted on September 29, 2014 at 1:09 PM Comments comments (121)
I walk groups of dogs everyday off leash in a beautiful, 20 acre dog park near my home here in East Hampton.  I know most of the dogs that I encounter, there as most of the people who walk their dogs there are local.  Occasionally we will meet a dog that we are unfamiliar with.  One of my dogs is an extremely friendly ( but rowdy Frenchie)  she has never met a dog or human that does she doesn't like in her relatively short life.  However , sometimes she meets a dog that does not like her?  Hmmmm.  Last week we ran into a female Weimaraner who did like like my Frenchie and began to growl and behave aggressively towards her.  Instantly without a work from me one of the other members of my pack went swiftly to the scene of the growling, put his body between the Frenchie and the Weimaraner and herded the Frenchie away.  A fight was averted and all was good.  Dogs are sometimes my heroes.